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“Accelerating the free markets, entrepreneurship and business in the Spokane region is vital to the rejuvenation of our economy. SpokaneTalksOnline.com delivers current and relevant knowledge, through modern media, that bridges multiple generations. This wisdom is paramount to our community’s growth.”

Wayne Williams, President & CEO, Telect, Inc.


SpokaneTalksOnline.com keeps up with the way you access news and information.

At times we’ll be streaming live audio or you can “tune in” to access all of our content via podcasts: when it’s convenient for you.

We’re partnering with local chambers, businesses, media and community groups. For example, our media partners include KHQ, The Spokesman-Review, and Nostalgia Magazine.

Our primary focus will be on local talk — interesting conversations — about local business and community issues, and we can be found 24/7 on a variety of easily accessed formats. 


You want good content: On your schedule

>  You access YouTube, iTunes, Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, Spotify, Stitcher…and a host of other options for both “radio” and “TV.”

>   The Netflix CEO predicts broadcast TV “will be dead by 2030.” (Some local station managers say it may not last that long!)

>  Auto makers are adding Internet capabilities to new cars. And, there are rumors AM radio may not be installed in the future!



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