When I was little, I used to trace everything I saw with my finger in my mind as we drove down the road. That is how I taught myself to see small details in everything around me. I still do that to this day. I love art, the beauty of seeing things in an artist perspective. I love to be creative and make things from scratch. My 3-D relief designs are new to me, only within the last 6 months but it gives me the ability to sculpt things that have a lot of movement and depth which is my favorite thing to do. I love being an artist and around other artist. Nothing inspires me more than people who understand the importance of creating something out of nothing. Being a part of Charts and the fine people involved within it is a great blessing and I love what Charts stands for. I am sure everyone involved feels the exact same way.







Other samples of artwork by Shannnon Niles Caruso

Last Bite for the Night


Empty Bottles

Little Darlin

Forever Free

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