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Currently residing in Washington, American born artist Rebecca Lloyd is known for her color-saturated collections.  Internationally collected, Lloyd’s unique and authentic style have received gallery representation in venues such as the Seattle Center on Contemporary Art, The Gilmore Collective, The Bozzi Gallery as well as Armory Arts Week in New York City.  The Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living Magazine describes her signature style as:

”Minimalistic and free flowing, a sort of complex simplicity filled with heartfelt expressions of joy and all things that make us human and connect us on a deep and universal level. Her work is very humanistic and encompasses the childish to the sublime in a mix if whimsical, abstract and figurative.”

Her journey through life is documented through her collections.  Becoming a wife, mother and traveling the world, are all reflected in the subjects she is inspired to paint.  She feels compelled to produce art and receives great satisfaction from the creative process.  She adds, “I can only hope that through my artwork others can take a glimpse of my personal joy and somehow that joy can be translated into their own lives.”Her work continues to gain popularity as well as support charitable organizations worldwide.







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