Karla Parbon  (PTA)

Partners Through Art         Founder and Executive Director

PTA is home to a talented cohort of resident artists across many disciplines. Partner with us to expand your success, invite us into your classroom for innovative lessons, or collaborate with us and your coworkers through workshops or close partnerships.



PTA artists are equipped to help students explore important social issues through the arts. From elementary to higher education, we meet students in the classroom to lead discussions, workshops, scene developments, or dance classes to empower and encourage students to make a difference through the arts.



Our aim with these workshops is to give people (members of your organization, individuals that benefit from your efforts, or the general public) the tools to spread messages for change, heighten social awareness, and empower folks to confidently tell their story. Workshops to Empower are a great opportunity for our artists to work closely with your organization and, in a small setting, give individuals focused attention and the inspiration to wield their stories, knowledge, and abilities to enact positive social change.



If your not sure exactly what you need, but you want to work with us, partner with one or more members of our creative cohort over any given amount of time, and we’ll assist you in drafting a speech, creating a piece of art, developing marketing strategies, or something else we’ve not yet imagined.




Where artists and art enthusiasts connect to help the children of our community