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Marion is a multi-media artist with her fingers in lots of things. Her favorite right now is oil painting. She was born and presently lives in Spokane, Washington in a fabulous apartment, which completely doubles as her studio.

Her association with art started with an open time slot in her class schedule while in pursuit of a degree in Speech Pathology at Eastern Washington University. Ceramics gave her that first taste of artistic nirvana, resulting in spending every spare moment working with clay. She changed academic direction toward a Masters in Art Therapy. For art therapy programs a basic understand of several media was required. Happily, Marion worked in painting, drawing, ceramics and sculpture to acquire that basis. She graduated from EWU with a BA in Studio Art then moved to Portland, Oregon and graduate school at Marylhurst College/University in Lake Oswego, Oregon; receiving a Master's Degree in Art Therapy. In addition to formal education, Marion learned much by traveling throughout the US, Europe and Northern Africa.

Only in the last few years has her full focus been on her art with her media of choice, oil painting. However, she still loves ceramics, mixed media, digital collage, and when it strikes her fancy, she builds sculptural sorts of things.

She is a founding member of The Artist Collaboration Project in Spokane. Recent Spokane shows include the 1st and 2nd Artist Collaboration Project (ACP) Shows, La Resistance, and a One Woman Show/East Sprague Art Gallery.











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