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LauraLee White was born in Ontario Oregon in 1976. Raised in Washington state, she began creating art at an early age. Her first basement oil painting class was at the age of 9. At the age of 14 she immersed herself in the underground music scene in Tri-cities. She took as many art classes as possible during high school, which she graduated a year early with honors. Moved to Spokane and became a mainstay in the underground art and music scene during the 90's. She sold her first piece of original artwork at the age of 17 at her debut showing at Java Junkies. She participated in group shows at DaDa and 2MT galleries near (2nd and Monroe) and various installations during the 90's. More recently she had a 6 month stay at Boo Radley's in 08, was part of Terrain 2011, and "Friends with Benefits" benefit show at Mootsys 2013. Solo shows at Cannon Coffee and Cone and Jones Radiator. Multiple group shows at The Satellite Diner, Magicraftman Studio, Mootsys. Starting a new venture at Object Space, where she Curated La Resistance, a successful group show of 23 local artists 2013. Since then La Resistance has grown into a thriving collective showing in multi venues and galleries 4 times a year. She began college in fine arts then finished with an Interior Design BA with honors in 2004








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