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She’s known as Kay West or KWest now, but although her name has changed over the years, her love and appreciation of art and handcrafting has never wavered. There hasn’t been a period in her lifetime when Kay hasn’t made art.


Kay West explores shapes, patterns and textures found in her environment. She’s attracted to natural processes found in nature. Throughout all, a camera is within easy reach with a primary focus on rust and deterioration.


Since arriving from Birch Bay and Bellingham area in 2011, Kay has skirted around the edges of the Spokane art scene. She joined River Ridge Association of Fine Arts, only because she couldn’t find any other art organizations in Spokane when she Googled for such. She continued to work on her own painting and photography, mostly showing her work on Instagram, Etsy and back in her hometown of Redlands, California.


In 2016 she opened LITTLE DOG Art Gallery with her sister, Melba Slater, at 903-1/2 W Garland Avenue, Spokane. After five years of quietly moving around the Spokane art scene, she felt moved to provide a fine art sales venue, other than a coffee shop, winery, restaurant or outdoor art show, in which contemporary art of Spokane could be exhibited and viewed by the public. Alas, it closed a year later.


She’s still creating art and observing the Spokane art scene.















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