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Ginny Brennan, Watercolors

Watercolor painting has been part of my life for over 20 years and I am primarily self-taught.  I have been fortunate to have attended many wonderful watercolor workshops and classes across this great country with absolutely the most talented teachers.


 My art life began while growing up in Sunny Southern California into a very colorful and artistic family.  I’ve also had the fortune to live in other beautiful west coast cities.  Also moving around the Pacific Northwest allowed me to see a darker greener side of nature and I truly appreciate the beautiful dew and forest greens.  Residing in the central US in Chicago instilled in me an urban appeal for painting buildings and lastly thriving in Southwest Virginia, rural Appalachia, where there is natural beauty abound.

My joy in studying the work of Winslow Homer, Charles Reid, as well as English Artist, Richard Taylor and other well know artist, allows me to continue to develop my understanding of this medium.  I currently belong to Spokane’s River Ridge Association of Fine Art.  I also belong to Spokane Scribes and am very thankful for having previously belonged to two co-ops; the Arts Depot, Abingdon, VA and the Seahurst Art Gallery, Burien, WA.


The uncertainty and excitement of watercolor successes and failures keeps me striving for an even better composition or capturing a great light or finding just the right color.  I am always searching for a beautiful landscape, a great human interaction, or a lovely flower.












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Red Berries - watercolor



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