Ginger Oakes


For Ginger Oakes children have always been a major focus and her career was generally connected to kids. Then she started building ceramic sculptures nearly 20 years ago, in Oregon at the U of O. It was creative, tactile fun, much like fun with kids! Her work often has human form, or natural context. She loves seeing faces in bark or clouds and finding images and stories below surfaces in clay. GO Art Studio, her private home studio, was started 6 years ago. New work can be seen at multiple galleries, including:  The Bozzi Gallery, The New Moon. Gallery, The Magic Craftsman Gallery and Patit Creek Cellars in Walla Walla.  Recent expansion of GO Art studio is allowing Ginger to offer private parties, lessons, and workshops in the comfort of her creating place.













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Other samples of artwork by Ginger Oakes

     Her Head Is In The Clouds



      I Wonder

       If I Had Wings


     Strength From Within


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