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Dens oils Vision: When I first started working on getting my art out to show and sell, I named my page Dens oils and my main focus was just to promote myself. But in the last couple of years, my focus has changed and brought so much more to my life. Over time I've met so many fantastic Artists, and what really shocked me was the amount of up and coming Artists that I've met. The one thing I heard the most from the new artists was that they had a very hard time finding places to show their work and getting their name out. So I decided to start talking to different businesses to see if they wanted to show Art, and they were happy to.  Once I started hitting the streets, before I knew it, I ended up with quite a few Venues who were interested and I started putting out Artists work. I love it. Now with the Venues and shows I put together, I'm able to help a lot of Artists, and I'm just starting. So now my Vision has changed completely and I would like people to look at Dens oils, and not just think of my work, but connect it with what I love to do, and that's helping other Artists. If we all help each other, can you imagine what we can accomplish? Love what we do.   What does my Art say to the world? All I can say is, when you look at my work, I hope you see that I truly love what I do, and if it brings a little joy to your life, that's good enough for me.




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