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You have probably heard of David Jacobs or you have been a receipient of the benefits of his kindness if you have spent any length of time in the Garland District of Spokane.  Jacobs moved to Spokane nearly four years ago and resides on the Northside of town.  A mason by trade, Jacobs had to retire early due to lupus and now devotes much of his time to creating art and helping people.  Jacobs grew up surrounded by art and music in the Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami, Florida and had turned down an art scolarship to pursue a career as mason, so creating art full time was a natural path for him to follow once he retired from masonry.


David has been a good neighbor and devoted supporter of the Garland District through his networking and creation of the Garlandium, a newsletter where he highlights the businesses of the Garland District and keeps everyone informed of all that is happening in the area.

Jacobs was nominated for the Spokane Arts “Create Spokane 2016 Art Awards” where he received an “Honorable Mention” award in the category of “Inclusion”,  an award that surely describes the way David treats those around him; with acceptance, positive energy and resolve to help anyone in a time of need.


For the past 10 years, David has been building metal sculptures with screws and epoxy as well as drawing intricate designs, some that he mimics from everyday things such as cloth patterns or architectural detail from various sources, and others from made up shapes he creates.  Last year David received the “Best of Show” award along with two other artists he colaborated with in “The Verve; Artist Colaboration Show” held by Hatch Art Incubator in the Spokane Valley.  The art piece was a design he drew on a two canvases (as a diptych) which was then painted by another artist, some inspiration for the piece was taken from an additional artist.


When CHARTS organizers approached David to be the first to kick off their BLOG for the website, he welcomed them with open arms ready to help in the effort to help the children of our community, and that’s just the kinda guy he is.  We are thankful to have David Jacobs as part of the art community of Spokane.





Samples of artwork by David Jacobs

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