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Christopher Robert Lamb


As a self-proclaimed “neo-aesthete”, Christopher’s perspective on many different art forms has always been from a visual standpoint. A ballet dancer who choreographs like a painter & an actor who directs plays and films like a choreographer, in the realm of photography he considers himself a “picture-taker” rather than an actual photographer, as he is only occasionally (and always unpredictably) compelled to pick up a camera to try to capture a moment in time. When not exploring the more visual forms of art, he also enjoys creating mental pictures through the words of his writing and with the help of his violin.









Other samples of artwork by Christopher Robert Lamb

The Alchemist's Garden I (photograph, 6" X 9")


(photograph, 16" X 24")



(photograph, 10" X 12")


Gloria In Excelsis Dali (photograph, 8" X 10")



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