Art Hour

Hosted by:

Jennifer LaRue


In depth interviews with local artists, cultural commentary and announcements for the creative community and their fans on KYRS: Community Radio 88.1 and 92.3 fm


Every Thursday 3-4pm



Independent News, Music and Culture

KYRS broadcasts Democracy Now!, Thom Hartmann, Jim Hightower, Counterspin, the Bioneers and more hard-hitting, in-depth national news programs. Run almost entirely by volunteers from the community, KYRS provides news, views, music and culture heard nowhere else on the radio dial. Tune in to locally produced public affairs, cultural programs, environmental news, GLBTQA, women’s issues and youth programs, to name a few. Tune in and do something about what you hear! KYRS brings you cutting edge music from every genre. From Blues and Hip Hop, to Indie Rock, Bluegrass, Funk and World. KYRS has something for everyone. Tune in and take a musical journey!




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Where artists and art enthusiasts connect to help the children of our community